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Top Museums in DC to check out that mix Fun and Learning!

The last thing on students’ minds during the summer is learning.  However, learning does not have to be boring. In fact there are several field trips and outings that can be fun and educational.  One of the best ways to incorporate fun and learning is to visit a museum.  DC’s abundance of museums means there are always magical places where kids can be transported from the humdrum of touring to a hands on immersive experience that stimulates their imagination.  Here are some of the top museums in DC to check out that are fun for the whole family.

The explorer of the family will love going to the Natural Museum of Natural History which offers an interactive learning space that engages them in real-life science experiments.  Kids of all ages will be fascinated by daily tarantula feedings or a stroll among live butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Your inquiring reporter can turn their dream of being on television into a reality at the Newseum. Kids can read along with a teleprompter and play in the NBC Interactive Newsroom.  Be sure to experience the 4-D Time Travel Adventure screening.

The little James Bond in the family will delight in uncovering the secrets of espionage at the International Spy Museum, which features numerous interactive experiences.  Guests can adopt a cover, break codes, identify disguised spies, and become the subjects of covert surveillance.

For families with a future astronaut, check out the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall which offers daily programs involving science experimentation.  Children are able to make and fly their own paper airplane, look through a real telescope with astronomy experts, view shows at the Planetarium, climb in an aircraft, or ride in a simulator.

The scientist in the family will enjoy the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, where he or she can control satellite images to see how climate has changed in the past century.  In addition, there is an exhibit on infectious diseases, where a visitor can “treat” a case of tuberculosis with antibiotics and follow the progress of the disease.

Museums have embraced technology to create multimedia exhibits that allow visitors to participate rather than observe.  Go out and find your next adventure!