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How I started Tutoring


I had never considered tutoring before. My experience in the workforce consisted of a few jobs at retail stores and a hotel. These jobs, albeit with low pay, provided a somewhat flexible schedule while I attended university. Then, after graduation, it came time for applying to law school. With consistent work and the help of an expert tutor, I scored highly on the standardized entrance exam.

After sending my applications out, I had a lull in my schedule, as I waited to hear back from the law schools. I decided to bring in some extra cash, and my girlfriend spoke to me about her experience mentoring and coaching autistic children. I thought to myself, why not teach standardized exams, and also any other reading and writing skills.

I applied to a tutoring company, and was matched with great students who got along with me really well. I enjoyed working through the concepts with the students, it was like re-learning the material myself, and experiencing the joy of discovery. By working consistently with my students, I was able to improve their test scores and their grades.

The parents were very gracious as well, regularly offering refreshments and even dinners after our tutoring sessions. I absolutely have loved it! The people I have met, the experience of re-learning amazingly interesting concepts, and seeing my students achieve their goals, has just felt great. I continue to tutor to this day.


Contributed by Kashif Ali, Tutor at Tutor Troops