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Schoolhouse Rocks!


School may seem repetitive and unexciting at times. Maybe its because we have to wake up so early and trek over to class everyday, or perhaps the work just seems uninspiring. But, lets take a minute to understand why we go to school. Its not just to cram information into our brains so that we can someday get a job. There is so much more to an education than that! School is a way for your young men and women to develop themselves and gain life experiences. For every bad experience at school, there are usually five good ones, and at least one great one. Maybe its that time the teacher created a fun game for the class to play, or create a currency system which rewarded good behavior and well-done homework, or that time you worked on creating the school’s haunted house. Whether its related to sports, academics, or social life, school offers an outlet and venue for students to engage in. So make the most of school while you’re there!

As you go through your school years, try to explore something new every year. Or, conversely, if you find something you really like, then stick to it and really develop your skill in it, be it in orchestra, a sport, or the chess club.

Dont fear the change; broaden your experiences and embrace the new – Remember Schoolhouse Rocks!