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Scholarships can earn you more than a Part-time Job, so why not apply?

Scholarships can help students pay for college, as you probably already realize, but you may not think about the other ways they help students. Scholarships save Money and Time but less than 10% of students receive them. Applying for them is a no-brainer, but here are the top reasons why you or your college-bound senior should apply:

Eliminate Part-Time Jobs

For some students, they can earn enough in scholarships that they do not need to get a part-time job while they are in school. These students earn enough to cover books, supplies, and food while in school. Some scholarships may even provide a stipend for living expenses during the semester or school year. Work-Study may also be an option. With this program, students work on campus and get paid. However, it counts as part of their financial aid rather than having a negative impact on their eligibility. By working on campus, students save gas money and sometimes gain valuable industry experience.

Decrease Loans

You will not need as many loans if you get scholarships. Many people find that after getting scholarships, they do not need alternate college funding. Paying for college is a burden for many families, so many people opt for student loans. With student debt in the trillions, the US clearly has an issue with college funding. Scholarships ease that burden and remove the need to get into debt.


Students who receive scholarships often meet the people involved in the programs offering them. If they are industry-specific scholarships, this can often help students find leaders in their fields. Even if the scholarships are general, they offer students the opportunity to meet community and national leaders. These opportunities also allow students to learn to network and talk to people in management. They may not have had this exposure before.

Resume Highlights

Many students have trouble finding things to put on their resume at graduation. Sometimes highlighting the awards and scholarships you have gotten can help you demonstrate your hard work and dedication to your education. They will give you an advantage when your resume lacks experience.


Is that enough, or should we keep going? Look out for our article on where to find scholarships on our Blog!