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Need to Memorize? Memorization Techniques for Success


Before diving into tips on improving memorization, it is important to mention that it is far more important to actually understand concepts and be able to apply them than it is to just memorize them. Memorization is second AFTER understanding of the concepts. However, memorization is important in several ways as well – such as memorizing of rules, names of places, dates, and multiplication tables – to name a few.


Memorization Techniques

1. Do not overload yourself with multi-tasking. If you try to attempt multiple activities while memorizing, your mind will be distracted. Realistically you mind can only focus at one thing at a time. Adding more information for it to focus on makes the subject you are learning more difficult to remember.

2.¬†Cramming won’t work! Trying to stuff a lot of information into your brain in a short amount of time is very inefficient. Also, you won’t end up retaining most of the information you have “crammed” into your brain.

3. Come up with a regular schedule for studying. Create a structured plan and set goals for yourself to achieve by each day and week.

4. Use flashcards! Writing down the material and quizzing yourself on it will significantly help in retaining the information.