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Lab Etiquette – Stay safe while you experiment!


Hello young scientists! School has begun and for many it means taking Science classes with a laboratory component. Certainly, the lab can be a fascinating place – of chemical reactions and electrification! Just the same however, it pays to be careful. Here are some tips for lab etiquette and safety – to stay safe while being young Einsteins!

Be aware of your surroundings and other people’s space. Its important not to bump into each other or be rowdy. Chemicals abound throughout the lab and spills can be dangerous.

Listen carefully to your instructor! Your instructor is a trained professional, pay attention to what they have to say, and you’ll stay safe while conducting experiments.

Come prepared: Bring your equipment, including safety goggles! Safety goggles must be worn at all times.

Clean up! Make sure to clean up thoroughly after you have completed your experiment. Its not safe to leave chemicals or their residue lying on the lab tables.

Have fun!



Follow these tips and you’ll stay safe while you are conducting experiments and learning about the fascinating world of science!