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Key Elements of a Good Education System

Three countries in the world which are noted for their excellent systems of education are Finland, Poland, and South Korea. But what is it that makes them stand out from the other 192 countries, including the United States? Here are four such elements that put these countries at the top of global education rankings:

1. The value of teachers: In Finland, being a teacher is prestigious – like being a doctor or a lawyer. In order to enter the education system as a teacher, one must obtain a master’s degree and conduct original research. This is contrary to the United States, where teachers are notoriously underpaid and undervalued.

2. Emphasis on Math: Do you despise math? Well guess what, math is pretty important. If your math education is strong, it is linked to future academic success (not only in math), and affects your future income as well. Basically, strong math = strong paycheck.

3. More technology doesn’t mean better school!: Contrary to what you might think, schools which spend lots and lots of money on technology aren’t necessarily better than schools without. Schools which spend their budget on improving the curriculum and hiring new and better teachers give the students a higher quality of learning. After all, the fancy projector is not teaching you – your teacher is!

4. School is a serious place: No leggings, pajamas, or tank tops to school! In Poland, students actually dress up in suits and formal wear to their big exams. The attitude of the students and staff towards school is serious. In South Korea, tickets are even given to drivers who honk outside of a school building!

Of course, no education system is perfect. There is always room for improvement, even with the top-ranking global educators. But now, when you choose a school for your children or yourself, keep these factors in mind so you can receive the education that allows you to reach your maximum potential!