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Importance of Completing Homework in Academic Success

Just as no two children are the same, there is no perfectly devised formula for your child’s success in school. Every child has different wants, needs and educational requirements and must be approached in their own unique way. Recognize the top five reasons why students fail in school and understand when and how to step in:

Inability to Complete Assigned Homework

The number one reason why students fail in school is neglecting the importance of completing homework. Whether this is due to a lack of motivation or an absence of guidance is unclear, but one thing is certain: students need to be encouraged through each step. Homework is a huge part of primary and secondary education and is crucial for reinforcing material learned in school. Get your child the homework help they need and visit your local learning center.

Poor Time Management

Students notorious for waiting till the last minute to complete assignments and study for exams are more likely to submit subpar work and have a shaky understanding of the topic at hand. Inspire your child to adopt proper study habits and get organized. Designate a separate area for your child to learn in a friendly, focused environment and implement a planner to stay on top of upcoming assignments. Encouraging them to develop organized study habits early on will aid in making their transition into higher education even smoother.

Lack of Focus

It is important to ensure that your established “study area” is distraction free. With “the next big thing” in technology being introduced to us every few months or so, students are swamped with exciting new toys causing them to lose focus. Motivate your child to use technology as a learning aid, rather than as a diversion from their schoolwork. Encourage them to follow blogs, articles and editorials on topics that interest them and enhance their overall learning experience.

Peer Relationships

When it comes to knowing who is right and who isn’t for your child, trust your gut feeling. Peer relationships can have a profound impact on your child’s development. Allow your child to develop academic independence and not be so reliant on others. Teach them how they are responsible for themselves and bringing the proper materials to class on a daily basis. On a broader scope, they are responsible for their own success.

Fear of Failing

Show your child how it’s okay to fail fast, and fail often. Explain the importance of learning your own lessons and moving on. Many students suffer from a lack of self-confidence preventing them from building on their academic skills. Sometimes just the thought of failing to succeed is enough to stop a child from trying at all. Show them how failing is a part of life and is in fact vital for a student’s growth and future success.

Learn to recognize the signs and help your child become an all-star learner!