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How to Help Students Prepare for the New School Year

5 Tips on helping Students prepare for the new School Year

The end of summer vacation can be difficult for most students. After weeks of carefree days filled with swimming, sleeping, and fun the last thing on their minds is books, homework, and studying. However, the transition from summer to school mode does not have to be dreadful. Here’s how you can help students prepare for going back to school:

Reflect on the previous school year.

Take time to celebrate accomplishments during the past school year.  Help students identify what they did well and remind them of their accomplishments.  Focus on  techniques that lead to their success and on how those same actions can help them overcome challenges during the upcoming year.  Assessing both accomplishments and challenges will help students decide what they want to improve upon for the new school year.

Get organized.

Time management and organization are often roadblocks to a struggling student.  Help students create a schedule to allow for adequate time for homework and study.   Teach them the art of prioritizing so that complex projects and assignments do not seem so overwhelming.  By modeling these behaviors, you will cultivate a sense of responsibility in your students that will lead to success.

Plan ahead.

Although the school year is just beginning it is never too early to anticipate school projects such as portfolios, research papers, unit presentations, or other large assignments.  Assess what new skills you students will have to learn and how as a tutor you can facilitate that learning.  By planning ahead you can have ample time to develop the necessary resources to help your students achieve.

Set realistic goals.

Small achievements can result in big success.  Goal setting gives students long-term vision and short-term motivation.  Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment, which in turn can leave a student discouraged.  Modest victories such as turning in homework, acing pop quizzes, and completing worksheets can build student confidence.

Get excited!

A new school year means new classes, teachers, and experiences.  Encourage students to expand their horizons by exploring different interests.   This can be a new club, sport, or even a new school subject.  Although trying something new for the first time can seem scary, breaking out of their comfort zone helps foster creativity, uniqueness, and a love of learning.

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