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Five Ways to Improve Your Virtual Learning Experience


The new ‘normal’ way of doing things, what does that mean?  From the comfort of our homes, we are now shopping, exercising, and socialize online.  Currently, online learning has grown and is becoming more normalized than going back to the classroom.  Over the past few years, millions of students have enjoyed studying through virtual learning programs from the comfort of their own homes, where they can go at their own pace and take full advantage of the benefits virtual learning has to offer. Here are five ways to help you make the most of your virtual classroom experience;


1.Design A Learning Environment


Creating a dedicated learning space with no distractions, similar to what you would have in a physical classroom, will help you be more focused and receptive to learning. Having a designated area means fewer distractions and getting into a “school mindset” when in that area.  You can use a spare room or even a corner in a room; the important thing is to use that area only for school.  Make sure this area is quiet or has a door that can be closed so you can have privacy when you are learning.


2. Ask Questions When Unsure


If you are unsure of anything, do not hesitate to ask a question. You may need to use a feature in the virtual environment to get the facilitator’s attention, such as virtually raising your hand or sending them a private message to let them know you have a question. Staying involved and paying attention is key to the success of a virtual learning environment.


3. Get Involved In Interactive Exercises


Facilitators will often provide opportunities for interaction with other learners, such as breakout sessions and group activities. Try to be involved in these as much as possible, as making the most of this valuable chance to collaborate, share ideas, and gain individual perspectives will only improve your learning experience.


4. Keep the conversation going afterward


Learning does not have to end when the session is over. By having conversations with your peers, you are embedding your knowledge and creating a professional network to serve you well throughout your career. Towards the end of the learning session, you may be sent future activities by your facilitator, which can be done virtually with your fellow students so the learning experience can continue.


5. Promote Your Health


Ensure there is enough light for reading and taking notes. The monitor should be at eye level, and your chair must be comfortable and offer back support. Beanbags, hammock chairs, shaggy rugs, and oversize pillows can help you relax and take a break when reading, drawing, or using a device between classes or after a lengthy exam.

Virtual learning has many benefits—from the flexibility afforded by virtual classrooms to the instant interaction with your tutor and sharing knowledge with like-minded professionals. Virtual learning is a convenient, effective, and positive way to learn. By following the five principles above, you can maximize your virtual learning experience, supercharge your skillset, and gain a new professional network.


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