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College Applications – Your ticket to a full ride!

college admission

School is now fully underway, and Seniors, like their fellow underclassmen, are enjoying football games, homecoming dances, and Halloween parties. At Tutor Troops, we say enjoy yourself, live your Senior year to the fullest! At the same time, its a good idea to start setting things up for next year – that means along with working with your tutor for successful performance on the SAT or ACT, its also time to start on your college application, if you haven’t already.¬†

Your college application is your ticket to ride — its what you need to get into the college/university of your choice and to set you up for an exciting four years in college and on wards to your dream career and lifestyle. Here are some pointers to guide you in putting together the perfect college app:

1. Think about which colleges you’d like to apply to – consider factors such as¬†courses offered, the location, cost of tuition, the school’s reputation, its job placement rate, and social life.

2. Secure recommendation letters from your teachers, if possible or applicable.

3. Begin writing your personal statement – consider writing about why you wish to attend the school, and why you feel you make a great candidate. Let the admissions staff know that you are unique and set yourself apart by relating interesting information about yourself. Or consider writing about what you hope to gain from a college education and how you can contribute to society afterwards. As always your tutor can help you in this process from start to finish, including brainstorming, editing, and proofreading.

4. Call the school’s admissions office to introduce yourself. Do not overdo this, of course, but it can be very advantageous to call in and let them know who you are and that you are very interested in attending the school.

5. Schedule a visit to the school. This accomplishes what #4 aims to do, but only does it much much better. By seeing you in person, the admissions committee is able to put a face to your application, and that can go a long way. (Consider combining tip #4 and tip #5)

6. Apply early! Thousands of students will be vying for those seats, so apply early, well before the deadline.

7. Sit back and enjoy your Christmas holidays!