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5 Study Time Best Practices


Tutor Troops knows learning. Serving our local community here in Northern Virginia, in Springfield and throughout the entire region, we have met countless students. Here’s what we know about the 5 best study time practices to put into place with your children. As such we have seen great studiers and not so great studiers. Sure, some kids need less studying than others, but in order to learn any subject and do well in school, everyone must spend time learning the material – aka studying. Your studying matters – the way you study, the time you study, and how long you study for, all play a role in how much and how effectively you learn the new subject, so it needs to be done right. Luckily, you have us, Tutor Troops. Here are 5 tips that we sincerely believe will help all students towards study success.

1.    Develop a system of consistent and effective note-taking. Keep your desk clean and uncluttered. An uncluttered area will be your physical place for studying. Store reference materials and track your projects. Buy (or have your parents buy) good supplies and keep plenty of them on hand.

2.    Learn effective reading. Read what you love! The point is read whatever and whenever you can, so that you are constantly training your mind to increase reading comprehension and speed. Improve your comprehension by getting to know the material you are reading. Decide which parts are relevant and needed. This is done naturally when you are reading what you enjoy, but it will also carry over into improving your reading comprehension when you are reading more difficult and less exciting material.

3.    Think by using pen and paper. With today’s computer programs, it is easy just to type away. However, think and work on paper to retain information. It will get things settled in your mind and make room for better thinking. Simply take out a notebook and write notes, points, ideas, and even diagrams. Summarize, remember and examine your written material. Create mind maps, or a diagram to visually organize learned information.  Don’t trust your computer, think and work on paper. You will retain more of your thoughts. Your Tutor Troops tutor will also have a folder for you, in which you keep your subject material.

4.    Find your preferred learning style and stick to it your entire life. You will have to determine if you are a tactile learn (using your hands), a visual learner (seeing) or an auditory learner (listener). If you discover and use your chosen learning style, your brain will absorb more material and retain facts. Try combining different learning techniques. Write down what you are learning, read passages and notes aloud to yourself, and always review your writings.

5.    Discover when it is best for you to learn and study. There are those who learn best in the morning, others who are better late at night. Locking in the perfect timing for studying will maximize your learning potential by working in synergy with your body! You may have to experiment and devise your own methods as well as you discover what works best for you.  and once you have developed a learning system, you will always be refining it. Discovering great study habits while in school will serve you well in college and in your professional career as well. Remember also to check with your tutor for regular feedback and work with them on understanding the material. Tutor Troops tutors come equipped with worksheets and lesson plans for every subject under the sun. So for every new topic and objective you cover, work with your tutor as they explain the concepts. Then, work through the worksheets and really understand the material!