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5 Must Have Apps for Tutors


In this day and age technology is a great tool for tutors and other educators to use. If used correctly, technology allows individuals to better understand and reach the minds of children they are trying to help. There are a wide variety of learning apps that tutors can use to help keep their children interested while helping them do better in school. Furthermore, the use of apps allows for the learning to continue while at home.

Given that there are a plethora of educational apps out there to choose from, Tutor Troops has narrowed down the top five must have apps for tutors based on convenience, efficiency and results.


Nearpod is a fully interactive app for presentations and assessments perfect for all grade levels. As a tutor, Nearpod gives you the ability to view real time student activity as they respond to polls, quizzes and even open-ended questions. Students are able to watch videos, take notes and instantly view results directly through the app. Essentially, Nearpod allows you to bring the classroom on the go.


Duolingo is one of the most popular apps out there for learning languages through the use of various activities. These activities are completed on a daily basis and increase in difficulty over time. Duolingo has implemented a system that is free to use, fun for kids and a proven science-based method of learning languages. The activities can be completed individually by the student or with the assistance of an educator, but either way Duolingo is a great way to help teach children how to learn a wide variety of languages.


Showbie allows tutors to create, collect and review all turned in assisgnments on one convenient platform. Through Showbie, you will spend less time organizing your students’ work allowing you to have extra time to give more detailed feedback on their assessments. Showbie is an interactive platform that encourages creativity and criticial thinking on the move. It makes storing grades easy and truly is “the heart of your paperless classroom.”


Notability is the must have app for tutors that recognizes note taking as a key aspect to retaining information. Notability allows students and tutors to draw, take pictures, and even add audio, graphs and other content from websites to their work. Notability understands that every student has their own best way of learning and has designed an app that truly allows students to take notes however they learn best.

Explain Everything

The final must have app you need is called Explain Everything. This is the ultimate app for presentations. The app is an interactive whiteboard with a screencast function that allows for the tutor and student to draw, animate, annotate, zoom and pan. Tutors will be able to produce captivating visuals to keep the students interested. It is an infinite canvas on which tutors and students can animate their thinking together.

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